Star Portraits



Rolf Harris


Hotbed Media for BBC One, 4 January 2004 to 27 May 2007 (11 episodes in 3 series)


Three artists paint portraits of a famous sitter, who then picks their favourite. Not entirely dissimilar to the late Watercolour Challenge, except with portraits instead of landscapes, and not limited to watercolours.


The celebrity sitters have been:

  • Series 1: David Dickinson, Michael Parkinson, Meera Syal, Charlie Dimmock.
  • Series 2: Cilla Black, Ade Edmondson, Mo Mowlam, Richard Wilson.
  • Series 3: Barbara Windsor, Dame Kelly Holmes, Bill Oddie


Series 1 DVD

Series 2 DVD

Theme music

Dru Masters


Simon Broadley, who also devised Win My Wage.

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