Paul Hendy


ITV, 9 June 1998 to 1999


We at UKGameshow Towers can only assume that this was pitched as a joke, but a commissioning editor stupidly stuck their hand up and said 'Yes' by mistake.

Paul Hendy, who's done nothing to deserve this, goes to random place and picks some members of the public. He asks them to "pick a pocket" from his coat (left or right) and he asks them the corresponding question. If they get it right then they win £5. If they get it wrong then they "pass the stash" over to somebody else. If they get it wrong then he takes it back. Repeat until bored.

Two glamorous contestants wait to grab Paul Hendy's Stash

Think it wouldn't make a half-hour show? You'd be right. That's why it's used as a five minute bumper between programmes occasionally. Nobody knows or cares when it's going to come on.


"Pass the stash"


Devised by Stephen Leahy.


Fifteen-to-One champion Martin Riley once dominated an episode of this show.


Host, Paul Hendy.


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