Style It Out



Emma Willis


Judges: Ayishat Akanbi and Jorge Antonio


Lion Television Scotland for CBBC, 10 January 2024 to present


Nine contestants compete in a styling contest, meeting a series of challenges and wearing their costumes on the catwalk. The winner gets to showcase their original creations at London Fashion Week.

All the material on Style It Out is recycled, from a walk-in wardrobe full of pre-worn and discarded clothes. That ugly tweed sports jacket your uncle wears? Could turn into a pair of shorts, or a hat, or... The sky is the limit!

Contenders get five hours to turn their clothes into something more imaginative. They're working with a "seam team", experienced sewing experts who can make sure all the cutting is done safely. The making also pauses for a chat with the guest judges, and for an extra challenge that might help to break ties.

Across the series, Style It Out proved to be bold, confident, fearless. Young people were allowed to celebrate their creativity, and demonstrate who they really are.



Snapshots from Lyra's fashion show.


Emma Morgan and Anna Abenson

Theme music

Music credits were "Audio Network, KPM Music and The Nerve", all library music companies. Hey, more recycling!

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