Swot or Wot?


Nick Hancock (original host)

Dominik Diamond


Mentorn for Anglia and Central (not networked), 4 October 1993 to 13? April 1994


"Are you teachers cool?" quiz. One high school or Sixth Form from the Anglia region (apart from mine) and one from Central did battle over a number of rounds. There were two in each team but after the break they had to suffer the indignity of having Mr Jones from Maths or whatever "help" them.

The main quirk of this show was that there were two types of questions. The "Swot" questions were all about traditional school subjects, the "Wot" questions were about just about any aspect of pop culture. There was also another pile of questions used in some rounds that were random Swot and Wot questions mixed up.

And what followed was a standard quiz, basically. The winners went through to the end game where if they got one question correct they'd win a bin and if they got six correct within forty-five seconds they'd win something excellent (for their school probably). Cleverly, the computer works out the percentage of "Swot" and "Wot" questions they got correct throughout the show and they'd get questions from the category they got the LEAST right in. In some cases, there were a 50-50 split in the Swot or Wot questions they got right throughout the programme. The host would then ask what subject they would like their questions to be on, they would then be asked questions in the opposite category.


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