Taking The Next Step



Lindsey Russell (all series)

Sam and Mark (2017)


Kimberly Wyatt (all series)
John Partridge (2016)
Simeon Qysea (2016)
Jonny Labey (2017)
Marlon 'Swoosh' Wallen (2017)


CBBC, 13 June 2016 to 11 December 2017 (21 episodes in 2 series)


The Next Step is the biggest show on CBBC. The drama tells stories from the life of dancers at The Next Step Studios. It's shot in a "reality show" style, intercutting the action with pieces to camera.

The drama is a Canadian production, but that didn't stop them from asking for a British dancer to appear on the show. Taking The Next Step follows the auditions and studio final.

Judges are Kimberly Wyatt, singer and dancer and reality show regular; John Partridge, former dance captain for the musical Cats; and Simeon Qysea, choreographer for The Next Step.

Four episodes followed the usual talent show auditions: a solo performance, critique, reveal of whether the dancer would progress from "Regionals" to "Nationals". A unanimous verdict was required for progression.

John, Kimberley, and Simeon are impressed.

The best returned for further exercises. Dancers were to learn choreography and add a personal touch. The best came back for improvised acting, and a further dance solo reduced the numbers to six.

These finalists went to Toronto, where they toured The Next Step studio, danced and acted with the regular cast, and the last finalists filmed their introductory scene.

A winner emerged, his acting was shown on episodes of The Next Step some months later.

The Next Steps

The show was successful, and came back for a second series. CBBC irregulars Sam and Mark joined Lindsey to host the programme. Kimberley Wyatt returned as a judge, now joined by Jonny Labey from Dance Dance Dance, and Marlon 'Swoosh' Wallen who cast Britain's Got Talent winners Flawless.

Key moments

The unalloyed glee with which the successful six took in their tour of the studios. Dancing with your television heroes is a moment to remember.

The finalists perform with West (Lamar Johnson) and Riley (Brittany Raymond).


2016 Khyrese
2017 Harrison

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