Terror Towers

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Steve Johnson (and Kimberley Frickleton from 1996)


Boris the Spider (Francis Wright)

Grunt (Jason Parker: 1996)

Bogey (Kevin Hudson: 1996)


The Media Merchants and Carlton for ITV, 12 January 1994 to 21 February 1996 (34 episodes in 3 series)


Likeable comedy-horror game show which badly wanted to be a children's version of The Crystal Maze.

Set in a haunted castle, two teams of kids played games and answered questions to win eyeballs. The team with the most eyeballs wins the game and goes through to the Stinky Sink. The show went something like this:

Observational quiz: This preceded each of the main games. Players would be required to listen to Steve reading out a story whilst objects danced spookily through a window or in a picture or something. There would now be a buzzer quiz and if the red team buzzed first, a mysterious voice shouted 'RED' and if the green team buzzed it shouted 'GREEN', a nice touch. With each correct answer, a part of their skull lit up. With two eyes, a nose and a mouth lit they won the quiz. They would now get a chance to pass or play the challenge which was worth two eyeballs.

The Shrinking Room: A ghost (played by the omnipresent Steve) would explain what they had to do in the room. They would be given two minutes to do it, whatever it is, but the catch was that the walls would randomly close in on them, knocking down anything they had done. To counter this, players could push the walls back out again.

Boris's Tower: Boris the magical talking puppet spider had a tower which crazily was full of webs which hampered things a bit. In the first series this was really good because there was an industrial fan beneath them blowing everything about everywhere. Then they got rid of it was made it far less exciting, really.

The Creepy Corridors: Two blindfolded contestants entered the Creepy Corridors and had to be guided to their exit gate which was at the other end, near where the other person started, actually! This was a maze and both team-mates shouted their orders through simultaneously, but more than anything this was a test of how loud you could shout more than can you guide someone through a maze. Spookily, despite the fact that both opposing team-members supposedly entered in the same trapdoor, they both ended up in opposite parts of the maze. Now, that IS creepy! This was worth three eyeballs.

The Nightmare Room: Or the master bedroom. The catch here was that everything was supposedly upside down so the players stood on the ceiling as it were. The cameras picked up on this by playing the first twenty seconds or so the right/wrong way up then they turned the camera upside down so we could see them playing the wrong/right way up. AND the room rocked from side to side. This was worth four eyeballs.

Now I know what it feels like to own an hotel in Japan.

At this point, the team with the least eyeballs were given a goody bag but were eaten by werewolves escaping the castle so didn't really get the chance to use them. So, onto The Stinky Sink - a.k.a. a giant-gunge filled wash basin. Apparently, Steve's great-great grandfather had four faces which meant four pairs of eyeballs. The winning team had one minute to find the matching pairs of eyeballs and put then on the rack. The more pairs of eyeballs they found, the more prizes they win but the biggest prize of all is that they get to stay at Terror Towers... FOREVER! (do-doo-do-dooo-do-doo-do-dooo)

The last series changed things somewhat as small games decided who went into the rooms, there was an obstacle course relay race round the basement, and a "don't touch the big chain with the manacle" arrangement. There was also a butler and a vampiress added, the Stinky Sink changed a bit so both teams found bones instead and the overall winners answered observation questions to win their prize.

The show's main problem? There were only three games per room which is a shame because it was quite good. Quite.


Neil Buchanan & Tim Edmunds

Theme music

Mr Miller & Mr Porter

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An episode from 1995.


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