The Archers Anniversary Quiz



Kenton and Jolene Archer (played by Richard Attlee and Buffy Davis)


BBC Studios for Radio 4, 1 January 2021


A quiz to mark the 70th anniversary of The Archers.

In its genteel way, this was almost Radio 4's answer to The Big Fat Quiz of the Year. Characters from The Archers sent in voicemail messages to ask questions about the show's long history, and at times we could almost believe we were in The Bull, listening to the village locals nudge each others' memory about their shared heritage.

Rounds include "Food and drink", "Places", and "Sport and Leisure". The 30-minute format didn't allow for much reminiscing, and certainly no time for audio clips from the show.

Contestants include Radio 4 regulars Jane Garvey, Martha Kearney, and Chris Aldridge; and listeners from London, Kent, and Glasgow. The listeners won by some distance.

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