The Bank Job



George Lamb


Remarkable Television for Channel 4, 2 January to 17 March 2012 (16 episodes in 2 series)


The MIB in action.

Stripped across one week, George Lamb hosts each show and sees contestants participate in general knowledge rounds inside a bank vault. Correct answers allow them to open money filled security deposit boxes. However time in the vault is limited, with contestants having to leave before the time runs out. However the contestant who leaves with the least amount of money is eliminated. Five daily winners return at the end of the week to compete in a winner takes all final.

How original.

In the pre-final shows there are four contestants who are whittled down to one, who will then go through to the final, in three rounds. In round one, each contestant starts in the bank vault with an empty case and there is £150,000 to be found in the 25 drawers that make up the vault.

Those damn hackers are at my iPad again.

However they are under pressure as there is only 1:15 on the clock. The clock begins when the first question is read out and players can buzz in to answer. If they get the correct answer, the clock is stopped temporarily. But if they are wrong, that contestant is frozen out of the next question and the clock.

Now, it's time to play "How sad is my sob story?"

The timer is only stopped when a contestant gives a correct answer, when they then get the chance to choose a drawer from the vault. The drawers can have any amount from £0 to £25,000 in multiples of £500. The amount that is found is then placed in the player's case and they then get the chance to leave the vault. If someone does choose to leave the vault, they take their case and sit in the danger seat. If all of the other players can leave the vault with a larger amount of money than the player in the danger seat, then that player is eliminated.

George Lamb's wages at the end of the series.

The round continues with players answering questions to open drawers with money in them, until the time runs out. When this happens, any players left in the vault answer sudden death questions, to open a drawer and then leave. The last player left is then eliminated. Otherwise, if all players leave the vault in time, then the player with the lowest total cash amount is eliminated.

I've got my dosh and now I'm leaving.

Theme music

Marc Sylvan


Voted the Worst New Show in this site's Poll of 2012.

Joe Wicks was a contestant, some years before becoming the nation's favourite P.E. instructor and a guest Dragon, but was the first player knocked out in his episode.

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