The Big Quiz (1)


Steve Wright


BBC Radio 2, 5 July 1999 to 17? July 2007 (as part of Steve Wright in the Afternoon)


General knowledge quiz on Steve Wright's afternoon show where two people take successive quizzes, each aiming to be the champion of the day. The quiz is fairly straightforward, with up to ninety seconds of questions for each player, though after the sixty-second mark, the first wrong answer ends the round. There is also a fair bit of timewasting from the host, though he does seem to waste every contestant's time more or less equally. The winner gets the choice to come back the next day and win more prizes with the possibility of losing what they've already won if they are defeated.

It was dropped when the BBC decided to suspend all phone-in competitions in the wake of various "fakery" scandals, and was never picked up again afterwards.


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