The Diamond Game



Anne Robinson


BBC2, 5-9 March 1990 (5 episodes)


Ah, you see, Anne Robinson did a game show before The Weakest Link. The five programmes of this pilot series went out in March 1990.

Thanks to one Ged Mead for the following:

The format outline was a word game/general knowledge combination. Letters of the alphabet (and, in some rounds, numbers, too) were displayed on a diamond shaped display. The number of letters/numbers varied depending on the type of round. Minimum 9, maximum 25.

The core rounds required players to make words using the letters found in the diamond. There were various spin-offs on this main theme, such as a round where they could use letters and numbers to make words.

Two pairs of players competed from start to finish; highest overall scorers taking the prize (which I seem to recall was either a TV or a HiFi Stack).

Although Anne hadn't developed her TWL mean demeanour (or even her getting-in-the-faces of dodgy salesmen a la Watchdog), I do recall that she came across as fairly serious when doing the standard chit-chat with the players about their background, interest, etc - which in 1990 was unusual.

The programme was meant to take over the BBC2 tea-time slot which was, at that time, filled by Catchword.

Just think, if it had made it, you would have been able to see Anne Robinson 5 times a week ten years earlier!

(Oh, and the format devisor might have been able to make a welcome career change if the option they had on 80 programmes for 1990 had been taken up by the Beeb. Oh well, sigh.)


Ged Mead, funnily enough.


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