The Farm



Ed Hall (series 1)

Colin McAllister and Justin Ryan (series 2)


Farmer: Ryan Hooper

Vet: Jon Huxley


Endemol UK Productions for five, 26 September 2004 to 26 May 2005 (22 episodes in 2 series)


Celebrity reality show where a team of nine celebrities live and work on a real farm for three weeks, doubtlessly with hilarious consequences. Celebrities are voted out on a regular basis on cleverly titled "Farmegeddon" nights until the "Top Farmer" is found.

Actually the farm aspect is quite a nice twist to the usual stick-them-in-one-place-and-see-what-happens formula and it works both ways as it's a good way of letting the public in on farming issues of the day. And awww! there's some cute little animals too. And a massive boar. Which is quite funny because you often hear the phrase "massive boar" follow the phrase "celebrity reality show" from certain quarters.


2004: Jeff Brazier
2005: Keith Harris and Orville the Duck

Key moments

Paul Daniels walking out after just two days following a spat with Vanilla Ice.

Rebecca Loos, some rubber gloves and a pig created a "storm" in a "teacup".


Based on a Swedish format.


According to early Teletext reports, there wasn't going to be a voting out aspect originally as it wasn't "that kind of show."

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