The Fast and the Farmer-ish



Tom Pemberton


Alleycats Television and BBC Northern Ireland for BBC Three, 9 February 2022 to present


Young farmers and tractor drivers gather in Ballymoney to test their skill and ability.

Young people and their tractors.

It's a knockout tournament, shown in seven slickly-edited editions. Heats to determine a champion from England, Wales, Scotland, and Northern Ireland; then matches to find the overall winner.

Tractor racing is simple to follow.

Each episode had three tests. One of power and speed, such as speed racing. A test of control and manouvering, like reversing along a narrow farm yard. And a test of art or construction, such as mowing the grass to create a picture. Points are awarded, and it's all designed so the final challenge determines the winner.

Tom Pemberton hosts, he's a little bit older than the competitors, being in his late 20s. The contenders are early twenties or late teens, the exact audience BBC3 wants to target. The Fast and the Farmer-ish hits two of BBC3's core values, it reflects the lives of people who get their hands dirty for a living, and the whole of the UK. Unlike some other channels, BBC3 is not just for office workers in suburban England.

The truth is out there!


2022 The Bogmen (Parky, Daniel, Wayne)
2023 TBC

Theme music

Bailey Douglas


Part of a "collaborative partnership" between BBC Northern Ireland and Northern Ireland Screen; the same partnership brought us Fast Food Face Off.

Episodes were repeated on BBC1 Northern Ireland a few hours after they'd been shown on BBC3.

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