The Fishing Race


Ian Wooldridge


BBC2, 7 January 1976 to 13 April 1977 (12 episodes in 2 series)


Fishing competition in which the aim was to catch the greatest number of different species of fish in a variety of locations. And it wasn't just the usual angling targets - competitors got to try their hand at catching everything from piranhas (at a usefully co-operative zoo) to goldfish in a garden pond.

The first series featured Dennis Darkin and John Darling, Brian Harris and Clive Gammon, and Ian Gillespie and Jim Gibbinson. The second series, set in Sweden, had as competitors Clive Gammon and Gareth Edwards (the Welsh rugby player), Kevin Linnane and Terry Eustace, Jim Gibbinson and Ian Gillespie. The prize for the winners was the Golden Maggot Trophy.


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