The Friday Show



Eamonn Holmes and Rachel Tucker


Green Inc for BBC One Northern Ireland, 23 October to 4 December 2009 (6 episodes in 1 series)


Eamonn Holmes and Rachel Tucker oversee a general entertainment show featuring music, comedy, and special guests. During the programme, there are two gameshow segments meaning this programme crosses our radar.

The first segment is Heart in a Spin. In this dating style feature, a member of the public, referred to as 'The Picker', and who is looking for love, is introduced to three potential dates. Before the show, and in order for 'The Picker' to get to know the potential dates, 'The Picker' is given a short period of time within which to have a conversation with each of them, while in a capsule on the Ferris Wheel in Belfast city centre. We are shown short snippets of these conversations, after which the three potential dates make a final plea, to convince 'The Picker' to choose them. These usually consist of Blind Date style cheeky, and mildly suggestive comments. After this, 'The Picker' must one after the other, eliminate two of the potential dates, thereby leaving their chosen date, with whom they will watch the rest of the show.

The second segment is Scantastic. As the studio audience enter before the show, they are each issued with a wristband, referred to as a 'Barcode Bracelet'. As the name suggests, each wristband has a unique barcode on it. Part-way through the programme, three barcodes are randomly selected, and the three audience members with these barcodes on their wristbands will play in the first part of game, Race to 5. Here, there three contestants are asked a series of general knowledge questions, the majority having a Northern Irish theme. One point is given for a correct answer, with the contestant being frozen out of the next question should they answer incorrectly. As the name suggests, the first contestant to reach five points moves on to play in the final round.

The final round is played on a video wall with eight barcodes on it. Behind two of the barcodes is a meal for two in a fancy restaurant, behind another two there is a weekend break abroad, the third two conceal £5,000, while the last two barcodes hide what are referred to as 'Scuds', and are worthless. The prizes behind the barcodes are mixed up, and then with the help of what looks like a remote control but what we assume is meant to be a scanner, the contestant must pick up to five barcodes. At whichever point the contestant matches two of the hidden prizes, the game ends, and they take that prize away with them. Should they match two 'Scuds', they leave with nothing. This means that the contestant has a 75% chance of winning a prize. Of course, this still means that some contestants can go away with nothing, but a 3 in 4 chance of winning isn't bad at all.


Rachel Tucker had made the final of I'd Do Anything.


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