The Good, the Bad and the Unexpected



Julia Sutherland (2014-15)

Mark Nelson (2019-)


Regular panelist: Jo Caulfield (2014-15)


Dabster Productions for BBC Radio Scotland, 12 February 2014 to 9 May 2015 (pilot + 6 episodes in 1 series)

Dabster Productions for BBC Radio Scotland, 4 January 2019 to present

Dabster Productions for BBC Scotland (the television channel), 4 April 2022


Pairs of comedians are asked which they prefer out of alternatives: "salt or vinegar, Edinburgh or Glasgow". The audience cheer for a favoured team, and points are handed out on the strength of this applause.

The rest of the show follows along similar lines. One of each pair talks about something good that's happened in their life recently, the other has an anecdote about something bad, and the show concluded with unexpected questions submitted by the audience. They cheer and jeer, the host gives points.

The regional element is covered by "what are some of the things you've noticed about Scotland / England now you've moved there?"

It's clear that this was a recording of a live performance, and while it made a decent half-hour's radio, seeing the comedians perform would have added a certain spark. Eight years later, the BBC Scotland channel got round to making a television pilot episode.


Recorded at the Stand Comedy Club in Edinburgh, where "The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly" was a regular improvised comedy event. We assume that the show name was changed to avoid confusion with the movie.

Web links

BBC programme page

Podcasts of the comedy club performances, which contain strong language from the start and throughout.

Interview with the producer

British Comedy Guide entry


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