The Great Big Tiny Design Challenge



Sandi Toksvig


Dr Willard Wigan and Laura Jackson (judges)


Yeti for More4, 27 March to 15 May 2022 (8 episodes in 1 series)

As Sandi Toksvig's Tiny Christmas Challenge: Yeti for Channel 4, 18 December 2022


Size really does matter, in the show that shrunk Sandi Toksvig down to size.

A Channel 4 press release came in teeny-tiny writing. Putting it under our microscope, we read:

The Great Big Tiny Design Challenge is an 8-part series for More 4, fronted by self-confessed enthusiast & collector of miniatures Sandi Toksvig. This epic competition will challenge designers to renovate an entire derelict mansion, inspired by real-world designs. The catch is that the luxury fantasy home they must renovate is doll sized.
Whilst the projects may be tiny, the task is huge. Our cast of miniacs (people who create all things miniature) will be set a series of challenges to test their design and practical skills. From crafting a Regency inspired dining room, complete with a dinner service and spread to die for to designing an Art Deco Bathroom, fitted with a a fully plumbed bath. Many of the installations they create in each mini build will need to function and fit the brief to pass the judges' critical eye.
Judging the series are interior design guru Laura Jackson and world-record holding miniature sculptor Willard Wigan (World's Tiniest Masterpieces), who will preside over both the individual and team tasks set to the contestants.
Sandi will delve into the inspiration behind the contestant’s builds and bring viewers on journeys through real life stately homes across Britain, showcasing our rich history of opulent and outstanding interior design.
Ultimately, there can only be one winner, but who leaves each week is entirely up to the judges. Tasked to work in teams as well as take charge on their own, this series will test the Miniacs' skill and creativity to the max. Each week their finished designs are displayed before the judges, with Sandi giving us an ultimate Tiny Tour. With cutting edge GFX, she'll be shrunk down to explore these incredible mini rooms up close for herself.
One design is selected as the week's winner and is installed in our miniature mansion. Over the series we'll see this shabby, run down derelict miniature mansion transformed into the ultimate fantasy home that we'd all love to live in, if only we could fit.

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The first series aired on More4, where it did well enough that its Christmas special was transferred to the main channel — but not well enough to come back for a second series.

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