The Mad Bad Ad Show



Mark Dolan


Team captains: Micky Flanagan and Mark Watson

Voiceover: Simon Greenall


Objective Productions for Channel 4, 17 February to 13 April 2012 (6 episodes in 1 series)


Channel 4's ticket department wrote, "Micky Flanagan and Mark Watson will each be paired with a guest comedian and a leading advertising industry insider who will provide a genuine insight into the mysterious and murky world of marketing. We'll see classic adverts, funny adverts from overseas, and even adverts made especially by the teams for the show."

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After three weeks of unimpressive ratings, The Mad Bad Ad Show was pulled from its 10pm slot and was replaced by a "funny clips downloaded from the internet" programme. The last three episodes were burned around 11:30pm four weeks later.

To add insult to injury, the third episode was cut down from its normal 50 minutes to half-an-hour when first shown on Friday. Thankfully, they showed the episode again five days later, in its full 50 minutes of glory.

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