The Race (1)



Keith Duffy


Carlton for ITV2, 27 September 2001 to 10 January 2002 (15 episodes in 1 series)


Eight people were chosen in auditions to take part in a race around the world. The producers paired them up themselves with entertainment potential in mind. By having the same eight contestants throughout the series, the few viewers who stuck with the programme became able to know the contestants as people.

The race was in legs - from A to B via either C or D, performing two or three tasks en route - and the teams had a very limited amount of money. Completing a leg within the given time limit won additional money. Coming first in any leg was rewarded with a further cash bonus. Not checking in on time meant getting no monetary help for the next leg. Saving up is good, because the first team to finish the final leg won a rather large cash bonus, £50,000. However, the one and only prize was decided by a one-night dash from Edinburgh to London, rather making the previous twelve trips count for nothing.

This was meant to be the flagship show for ITV2 in the ITV Digital era, not least because the channel's small budget ensured that the shows were repeated just about every week for eighteen months. Sadly it came across as being rather dull and plodding, the exact opposite of the US show The Amazing Race it appeared to be based on.


  • Jo Leach and Dominic Webb (champions)
  • Jo Simpson and Andy (replacement for Marcus, who left four stages into the trip)
  • Amanda Winslet and Niall Boyle
  • Kelli Nelson and Gareth Taylor


Lawrence Oakley

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