The Superteams



David Vine
Des Lynam (1978)
Ron Pickering (1979-85)
Barry Davies (1979)
Brian Budd (1982)


BBC1, 6 September 1978 to 21 January 1985


Team version of the Superstars format which appeared in sporadic one-offs or short series for some eight years. Initially it was just two rival football teams but later evolved into two lots of individuals from rival sports (e.g. Rugby vs. Water Sports) going at it through the various all-round sporting tasks.

A revival of sorts appeared on Five in 2008 - the new version used the Superstars name but the content was a hybrid of the 'Stars and 'Teams formats.


Interestingly, the trophy was sponsored a number of times - by Ferguson, Brylcreem and Townsend Thoresen (ah, that brings some ferry trips back into the mind).

On one series, the event was held on naval ships such as the HMS Victory and the flightdeck of HMS Hermes.

1982 commentator Brian Budd was a three-times winner of Canadian Superstars (1978-1980).

One excellent feature of the contest was the assault course race, which usually proved interesting, especially seeing how different teams coped with the various obstacles - almost as good as the assault course on The Krypton Factor. Excellent though Brian Jacks generally was in both this show and Superstars, especially in the gym tests, he actually struggled on the assault course.

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