The Talk Sport Quiz



Darren Bent, with Lynsey Hipgrave or Faye Carruthers


Talk Sport, 28 March to 5 September 2020 (approx. 15 episodes in 2 series)


What's a sports radio station to do when the regular post-match phone in can't go out, because there weren't any matches? A sports quiz on the radio.

The aim is to get as many questions right in a row as possible, because your turn ends as soon as you get one wrong. Three out of four questions are on football, there are some audio clips to hear, and the hosts will push callers for an answer. The highest score after two hours wins a small prize.

It's an incredibly simple idea, and it's done tremendously well. The hosts build up tension to keep us listening through the show, and construct a community of regular callers across the weeks.

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