The Third Degree



Eamonn Holmes


BBC One, 6 October 1999 to 19 January 2000 (15 episodes in 1 series)


A bit pointless really, this was a 15 minute slot to make up time before the National Lottery draw.

Eamonn 'not Barratt' Holmes asked quickfire questions to three people, each one representing a charity that had received a lottery handout.

All the questions in the first round were worth one point, in the second (slightly harder) two points and in the hardest, three. Each round lasted around a minute and we got to see how much time was left by looking at the big score display screens behind the players which were changing colour. That was the only stylistically interesting bit of the entire show, in fact. Honest.

But hey - at least the three top players got to come back in a final!

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Not to be confused with The 3rd Degree, a dons-versus-students radio quiz from the 2010s.

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