The Whole 19 Yards



Vernon Kay


Games Guru: Caroline Flack

Commentator: Glenn Hugill


Initial for ITV1, 17 April to 5 June 2010 (8 episodes in 1 series)


Four contestants are read a series of clues leading them to an answer. However knowing the answer isn't good enough, as once they think they know, they must work their way through 19 yards of obstacles to press their button before they can answer. The first contestant to do so progresses to the next round, while the others have to try again, with the last person to complete the obstacle course, and provide a correctly answer being eliminated. Two more contestants are eliminated in subsequent rounds, before the last remaining contestant competes in the end game, with the chance of pocketing up to £100,000.

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'When you know, you go'

Theme music

Jess Bailey and Graeme Perkins


There are six questions in each stack. It has happened that someone didn't know ANY of them (or at least claimed not to know - possibly they were just conserving energy).

Originally piloted by CBS in the United States.

Recorded at Pinewood Studios.

ITV's first game show to be broadcast in high definition.

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