There's Something About Miriam



Tim Vincent


Brighter Pictures for Sky One, 22 February to 24 March 2004


The UK's most offensive game show. A group of men vie for the attentions of Miriam and thus for a ten thousand pound prize. Only when she has chosen the winner do they learn that Miriam is in fact a "pre-op transsexual". Unacceptable in civilised society in 2003, and unthinkable now.


The broadcast of this show was delayed because the hapless participants obtained an injunction against Sky, and demanded - and got - compensation for mental distress, to the tune of £125,000 each (reportedly, although other observers believe the actual figure was in the region of £20,000).

Miriam was found dead in her Mexico apartment in February 2019. Police ruled the incident as a suicide by hanging, but Miriam's husband Daniel Cuervo disputed this, suspecting foul play.


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