Think Tank (3)



Bill Turnbull


12 Yard and BBC Scotland for BBC One, 21 March to 16 December 2016 (50 episodes in 2 series)


From the BBC press office:

Think Tank sees three contestants compete to win a cash prize, aided by a regular group of ‘helpers’ selected from across the nation, who together make up the Think Tank.
Ahead of each show the regular cast, who comprise the Think Tank, will answer hundreds of general knowledge questions. Their answers form the quiz, and will hopefully prove more of a help than a hindrance to the three contestants who are trying to answer the questions correctly. The quiz will be challenging and the contestants will have to decide when to use the Think Tank’s suggested answers.
After their knowledge has been tested to the max, the winning contestant then faces ‘Question: Impossible’, a question which stumped the entire Think Tank. Using their wrong answers to eliminate obvious errors, can the contestant go one better and win the cash prize?

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Liz Gaskell

Theme music

Will Slater


Regulars in the first series were Lucy Barry, Max Bruges, Len Crumbie, Anisha Devadasan, Arminel Fennelly, Cleve Freckleton, Ken Fullicks, Tristan Harper, Diane Hil, Abi Kanthabalan, Jackie Waring and Peter Wong. Mark Hogarth and future Ranganation "Small Town Girl" Jordan Humphries joined for series two.

In a maddening piece of scheduling, the first fifteen episodes of series two were aired Mondays to Wednesdays, with Thursdays and Fridays occupied by repeats of the first ten episodes of the first series, and the remaining fifteen episodes of series two aired a couple of months later. Those who had missed the last ten episodes of the first series the first time had to wait until BBC2 reran the series a couple of years later.

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