Anthony H. Wilson


Charlotte Hudson


Radar for Channel 5, 27 May to ? 2002


A simple game of surveys and lists - kinda cashing in on the Schott's Miscellany lark - from the Gary Monaghan/Banzai stable. For each question there were ten answers and players scored more points for finding the less popular answers (for example, the top answer is only worth one point, the tenth most popular answer was worth ten).

Charlotte Hudson filled in the missing answers and provided us with a Fact O' The Day.

We remember the set being slightly sci-fi-ish, and Wilson referring to the contestants by their assigned colour throughout the show rather than their name.

Key moments

The teleporting out of the eliminated contestants was rather neat, especially considering the theme music.

Theme music

Theme from The Tomorrow People, composed by Dudley Simpson, who was also famous for the incidental music on BBC sci-fi juggernaut Doctor Who.


Image:Topranko pub.jpgPartners in ranking, Wilson and Hudson on set.


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