Totally Saturday



Graham Norton


Location reporter: Stephen K Amos

Stuart Hall


BBC Productions for BBC One, 6 June to 18 July 2009 (7 episodes in 1 series)


Graham Norton hosts as viewers at home and in the studio compete to win cash or a holiday by taking parts in challenges that involve their own personal possessions.

A typical stunt might have someone's shed brought to the studio, with the owners invited to guess which minor celebrity was inside. There would be an outside broadcast each week, and some shows contained hidden camera footage.

Two games recurred throughout the run. In The Hamster Wheel, a player on the telephone selected a hamster from a member of the audience, then answered increasingly simple general knowledge questions to win time. Their nominated hamster would then run on a giant plastic wheel. Every complete revolution of the wheel earned money for both players.

Are We There Yet? began with two sofas coming on to stage, for the two players to recognise. They would then be joined by four friends and relations, and kitted out in boxes with letters front and back. The objective of this bit was to spell out words. The better players went on to the end game, a test of reactions to earn miles and win a foreign holiday in somewhere exotic.

The red thing in the middle goes up and down, and the player must stop it.

The press reaction to Totally Saturday was exclusively negative, though no critic was able to offer any constructive criticism. Whether as a result of this attention or for scheduling reasons, the show shrunk during its run, from a full hour in the first week to 45 minutes by late July.


"Your stuff could be the star of the show"

"Run, Hamster Run"


Credited to the BBC FED Team.

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Opening titles from the BBC Motion Graphics Archive


Host Graham Norton with some of the props used on the show.

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