Trading Treasures



Lorne Spicer (2003)

Kate McIntyre (2005)


Orion Television for BBC One, 16 June to 28 July 2003 (26 episodes in 1 series)

Orion Television for ITV1, 4 January to ? 2005


Another one of those not-quite-as-good-as-Bargain Hunt daytime shows in which people sell antiques and collectables. This particular variation has two teams picking stuff from their own homes to sell, and then selling it. To level the playing field a bit, there are experts on hand to estimate how much each team should be able to make from their items, and it's the team that exceeds their target by the greater amount (or falls short by the lesser) that wins. Another competent but unremarkable show that goes down well with people who like this sort of thing but frankly blurs into all the other antiques trading games as far as we're concerned.

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