Trading Up



Claudia Winkleman


Russell Bulgin and Roger Firth


Bazal for Channel 4, 19 March to 23 April 1999 (6 episodes in 1 series)


They say that after a certain amount of time owners start to look like their dogs. Or is that the other way round? It doesn't matter. This show is all about personality. Do you remember the board game/telly show PSI? Good, because the main question that's asked here is "if these people were a car, which one would they be?"

They have four nice models to choose from and if they win they get to swap their old car for a brand spanking new one. But of course, it's not quite as easy as just saying "I want that car", oh no, because the audience have to agree with you. Ah, cunning, no?

To help with the decision making process, the two resident car experts will argue with each other as to what sort of person would own each of the cars, whether the cars are any good and so on and so forth until the time of reckoning arrives. First, the audience vote twice, once for each of the contestants, as to which car they think suits them best. The contestants then pick the car they want.

Claudia will then do her Tarrant-esque drawing out of the results which are locked into her rather groovy electronic notepad thing and if the player agrees with the highest proportion of the audience then they win. Yay! They drive off in their new car and leave the old one forever. If not, they go home with the car they came with. Well, they haven't lost anything have they?

A show you'd have probably watched if there was nothing else on but, given that it was Friday night, there probably was.


Claudia Winkleman.


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