Try for Ten



Alan Taylor - TWW

David Hamilton - Anglia

Derek Batey - Border

Jack McLaughlin - Grampian


Hostesses (incomplete): Carol Dilworth (Anglia, 1968), Patricia Turnbull (Border,1968-?), Roz Early (Anglia, 1969)

Announcer (Anglia version): Dick Graham

Organist (Anglia version): Peter Fenn


Taro Deg: TWW, 13 June 1962 to c. October 1963

Try for Ten: TWW, 17 September 1962 to c. September 1963

Grampian, 1968-9

Anglia, 1967-9

Border, 1968-9, 1972-84 (networked from 1974)


Contestants try to give ten consecutive correct True or False answers to a series of statements. A contestant is eliminated if they give three wrong answers in a row, or a total of ten wrong answers.

If the game ends early, they win £1 per answer for their best run of correct responses. If they reach their target of ten, they win a rolling jackpot that increases by £25 per failure.


Based on a Welsh format called Taro Deg by Roy Ward Dickson.


A children's version was also made in the Grampian region.

The Anglia version was a touring outside broadcast series recorded at town venues. The last episode - one of the few surviving archived examples of Try for Ten by any means - was recorded in Bury St Edmunds.


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