Two for the Money



Bernard Braden


Adjudicators ("Authority"): Professor K.C. Boswell (first two shows), Robert MacDermot (third show onwards), Derek Bond, Daniel Farson


Associated-Rediffusion for ITV, 14 August 1956 to 4 February 1957 (19 episodes in 1 series)


It's the original quiz from 3-2-1 (where they have to name things that fit into a particular category rather than answer basic connected questions). Basically.

Ten shillings would be awarded for each correct answer in the first category, whatever the contestants racked up for the first category would be the prize-per-answer for the second, and the total for the second category became the prize-per-answer for the third. Contestants would never score zero because Braden always gave them an example answer to start with.


The show didn't have much luck with adjudicators, getting through at least four in its short span. There was a minor scandal when the original adjudicator, a professor from Sandhurst Academy, made errors under pressure and disallowed a number of perfectly correct answers, ruling that Missouri was not the name of an American state and that "Gardens" could not be regarded as the name of a road or street. The wronged contestants were invited back on the next show, and won.

Derek Bond was sacked after failing to identify that "heighth" is not a legitimate word ending in "th". He should have stopped the round immediately when a contestant offered that answer; instead he let it go, and the contestants then racked up a huge score by going on to rattle off ordinal numbers until time was up.

Daniel Farson, a respected TV journalist, had his run as "authority" cut short when it was decided by the powers-that-be at Associated-Rediffusion that he was too important to be doing something as frivolous as a game show. He would go on to devise Channel 4's highbrow arts quiz Gallery.


This was one of the many American Mark Goodson / Bill Todman game shows remade in the UK.


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