Phil Wang and Susie Dent


BBC Radio 4, 18 February 2024


According to the BBC,

Phil Wang and Susie Dent challenge guests to invent new words to help create the new ultimate Unspeakable dictionary, dreaming up words for common concepts that have no names.

During the show, three contenders put forward their ideas for new words. There's a bit of debate, and Susie chimes in with facts about the word - or similar words. It's a bit like her "Origin of Words" segment on Countdown mixed with a dinner party. Best new word - as judged solely by Phil Wang - wins an Unspeakable bookmark.

Because there wasn't enough material to fill a half hour, the contestants also groused at the most over-worked words, and a few contributions from the audience. Unspeakable felt like a great 15 minute discussion, stretched out to fill a half-hour slot. If commissioned for a series, we'd hope for some extra rounds.

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