Wales' Home of the Year



Narrator: Gwawr Loader


Judges: Glen Thomas, Mandy Watkins and Owain Wyn Evans


IWC Media for BBC One Wales, 12 August 2022 to present


IWC Media tell us:

Following four successful series in Scotland, Home of the Year launches in Wales as three experts scour the nation to find the country's most amazing home. Interior designer Mandy Watkins and architect Glen Thomas will be judging on functionality, distinctiveness and clever design. Joining them is Owain Wyn Evans who has a passion for property and will be looking for a home which reveals the owner’s personality and individual style. Across five episodes, the judges will travel across the country to deliberate on three homes in each region, choosing one winner each week. These will then go head to head in the final when one will take the coveted title of Wales' Home of the Year.

Our judges: Glen Thomas, Owain Wyn Evans, Mandy Watkins.

Houses are judged on architectural merit and interior design. How well have they used the space? Does the doorway have a clear path through the house to light at the far end? What can we discern about the owners from their decoration? Have they tried to hide awkward architectural features, or emphasised them?

Like the other shows in the Home of the Year franchise, this is poking around other people's houses while they're not there. The judges literally never hear from the homeowners, not even to say "hello" in the final. The only communication is a heart, placed by the owner in their favourite place.

This owner says their favourite place is in the kitchen.

It is a contest, they do keep score. Each judge gives a mark out of 10. Never quite clear whether the judge marks their personal reaction, or the architectural merit / distinctive design / original style of the home, or some combination of those factors. In an effort to fabricate some sort of tension, one of the judges' marks is held back to the end of the episode. Highest score wins, ties are broken through discussion and consensus.

The final is another chat-fest, the judges re-consider each house - through pictures and videos - before reaching their decision.

Every episode asks, "What makes a house a home?". Does Wales' Home of the Year ever attempt to answer that question? It's a show for the brain, it's all about architectural merit, interior design, soft furnishings and refurbishments. It's not about emotions, the judges cannot know what it feels like to live somewhere.

This stairwell is quite the treat to look at.

There is always going to be an audience for this sort of show. Some people get inspired to change their own homes. Others just love to look at lovely houses, and hear professionals praise their work.


2022: Little Castle Cottage in Kidwelly, for owner Luke Thomas
2023: Rhyd y Garreg Ddu in Talog, Carmarthenshire, for owners David and Anthony


Based on the 2013 Norwegian format Årets Hjem ("Home of the Year"), via Ireland's Home of the Year, which has been running on RTÉ since 2015, and Scotland's Home of the Year, on BBC Scotland since 2019.


Premiered on Fridays on BBC1 Wales, usually at 7.30, but coverage of the death of Queen Elizabeth II messed up the schedules. Episode 5, on 9 September 2022, aired at 8pm on BBC2; the final on 16 September went out on BBC1 at 8.15pm. A nationwide run from 12 April 2023 aired Wednesdays 8.30pm on BBC Two.

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