We Beg to Differ



Roy Plomley (1949-54)

Kenneth Horne (January to March 1966)

Michael Smee (April to June 1966)


Regular panellists included: John Clements, Joyce Grenfell, Kay Hammond, Gilbert Harding, Charles Hill, Charmian Innes, Gladys Young


BBC Home Service, 23 September 1949 to 8 February 1954

BBC Home Service, 6 January to 30 June 1966

BBC Television, 8 January to 26 February 1951 (8 episodes in 1 series)


Billed as "a combat of the sexes", this was a kind of competitive Brains Trust.

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Developed by Pat Dixon from an idea by Charmian Innes. Questions by Gene Crowley.


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