Whose Baby?



David Nixon (1973)

Roy Castle (1977)

Leslie Crowther (1982)

Bernie Winters (1983-88)


Nikki Critcher

Belinda Mayne (1977)

Sara Hollamby

Lisa Mulidore


Thames for ITV, 17 January to 12 November 1973 (27 episodes 2 series)

Thames for ITV, 19 January to 6 April 1977 (12 episodes in 1 series)

Thames for ITV, 19 October 1982 to 12 August 1988


Some shows we can talk a whole lot about simply because we're very familiar with them. Others we can't simply because we don't remember so much. This is clearly a "category two" show.

A panel were shown babies, both beautiful and otherwise, and are invited to guess who the celebrity parent(s) were, and narrow their guesses down with probing questions. The celeb parent(s) would then appear and gurgle contentedly.


This show was invented by Eamonn Andrews, better known as the former host of What's My Line?


Bernie Winters (right) with Sara Hollomby and Schnorbitz the dog (er... he's the one in the middle)


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