Win the Wilderness



Narrator: Nicholas Tennant


Twofour for BBC Two, 26 January to 1 March 2020 (6 episodes in 1 series)


Six couples compete to own an extraordinary home in the Alaskan wilderness. The BBC Press Office described the show like this:

Situated 100 miles from the nearest road, the three-storey property is the home and legacy of Duane and Rena Ose, the married couple who have spent over 30 years building it. Now both in their 70s, and with their children unable to take it on, the Oses are searching for a couple to inherit their life's work.
Travelling deep into the Alaskan wilderness, the couples will face four tests, each based on the Ose's own experiences in the wild. Whichever couple impresses most on each test will earn a flight to see Duane and Rena's home on Ose Mountain and experience life there first hand.
Upon arrival at camp, the couples are met by CJ, a local survival expert who has been entrusted by the Oses to assess each couple. Provided with canvas sheets, ropes and minimal instructions, the couples must use the surrounding forest to build the shelters they will live in during their time in the Alaskan bush.
The next morning, the Oses invite one couple to make the 100-mile journey by bush plane to their home. From the moment they touch down, the couple have 24 hours to prove themselves to Duane and Rena. If they demonstrate their potential to their hosts, they will make it onto the Ose's shortlist for new owners and return to the wilderness camp. If they don't, Duane and Rena will send them straight back home.

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Christopher White

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