Wing It



Mike Wozniak


BBC Radio 4, 28 January 2024


The BBC press office says,

'No Script. No Prep. No Clue.' Mike Wozniak plays host to a panel of improv all stars in this new spontaneous game show, full of ridiculous challenges and completely made up games.

A very fast show, fizzing with ideas and silly things to do. Compose a letter one word at a time! Conduct a conversation but drawing all your responses from one page of a book! Reverse your position on a topic when you hear a buzzer! Arbitrary points are awarded and a winner is declared.

Like all improvisation shows, and like all broadcast pilots, this was a bit hit-and-miss; we reckon the laughs outweighed the groans. It's been a very long time since Radio 4 had anything so spontaneous, and a full series of Wing It could attract a cult audience.

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Winging It, a 2000s tv series where comedians pretend to be something they're not.


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