World Quiz



Kenneth Horne (1967-8)

John Tidmarsh (1969)


BBC Radio 2, 2 October 1967 to 25 December 1969 (39 episodes in 3 series + 1 speical)


Three-way general knowledge contest from the Round Britain Quiz stable involving teams from the UK, Australia and New Zealand. Each series had the appropriate year appended to its title (World Quiz '67, etc.) and all three series were won by New Zealand, their teams comprising Ralph Dearnley with Pat MacAskill in 1967, and Jim Winchester in 68 and 69. Dearnley and Winchester were regulars on the RBQ-like New Zealand show Stump the Brains Trust.

The UK team comprised RBQ regular Irene Thomas and Brain of Britain champ (and future question-setter) Ian Gillies. For Australia, Stephen Murray-Smith was joined by Barry Jones in 67, and William Glanville-Cook in 68 and 69. The last episode was a "swap partners" Christmas special with the pairings Thomas / Winchester, Gillies / Murray-Smith, and Dearnley / Glanville-Cook.


John P. Wynn


If you're thinking "I could have sworn this was a Radio 1 show", you're half-right. In its early days, Radio 1 didn't fill all of its hours by itself and would often take a simulcast of Radio 2 instead, so the 1967 and 1969 series (minus the Christmas special) were both simulcast this way.

John Tidmarsh took over after the death of Kenneth Horne.


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