Y Ras



Gareth Roberts


Hoi Polloi Pictures for S4C, 14 September 2018 to 23 January 2019 (10 episodes in 2 series)


A sports quiz, searching for Wales' most knowledgable sports fan. Four competitors, and five rounds, comprise this half-hour show.

  • The Race, 90 seconds of questions on the buzzers. A correct answer earns one point and advances you down the track. Bonus points are on offer - 1 point for 6 correct answers, 3 points for 7 right, and 5 points for 8 correct.
  • The Specialist, 90 seconds for each player on a subject they've nominated, one point for a right answer. There are 16 questions on a grid, and there are 5 bonus points for linking four in a line.

The studio shows a track from players to video wall.

  • The Game, a categories board. This round starts with a control question on the buzzer, no points for this. Whoever gets control picks from 16 categories, and has first dibs on that question for 2 points. As in The Specialist, four in a row earns 5 bonus points.
  • The Connection, picture clues inspire a question. Correct answer earns 2 points and a chance to guess what links the pictures for bonus marks (4 down to 1 as more clues are shown).
  • The Race Redux, similar to the first round. Two points for a correct answer, and it advances you down the track. Errors cost one point and pull you a square back on the track. Bonus points are awarded at the end of 90 seconds.

As a quiz, Y Ras is fast-paced, and tries to cram in a lot into each episode. Perhaps it tries to cram in a bit too much, and the format seems to favour players with strong specialist subjects.

The show enjoys a strong visual identity, with consistent graphics and a specially-designed typeface. There is rousing music, and the show takes its sport seriously.


2018 Ifan Gwilym
2019 (Celebrity) Owain Tudur Jones


Devised by Ultimate Sports Fan Ltd

Theme music

Andrew Griffiths, credited as "Cyfansoddwr" (composer).

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