Your Number Please



Neil Buchanan


Thames in association with Atticus Television for ITV, 29 June to 24 July 1992 (20 episodes in 1 series)


A typical 9:25am on-the-cheap show where 15 numerical questions were asked and the audience answered on their keypads. After the break, ten of those questions were chosen to be the ones that counted, leaving five for a viewer competition.

The answers were then added up and the audience member who got closest to the correct target figure won £250. For the viewers, they had three hours to phone in after the programme to give the total of their five questions to win £250 for themselves too. The winner and answers were given the next day.

At various points during the answer reveal, the best five contestants were featured on a leader board, along with their scores expressed as a difference from the correct total. In addition, the players furthest away from the right answer were humiliated on the Booby Board. It's an early example of "name and shame", we suppose.


"Once upon a time... and we don't count 'once' because it isn't a proper number..."

"Can I have... your number please"


Bob Louis (also producer), Mitchell Symons and Tim Marler

Theme music

Peter Griffiths


Neil always made a point about question 9 being "Storytime!" with suitable audience reaction. This question did seem to go on forever.

The show's filming schedule was five episodes a day, to be shown across a week. There were also plans for a winners' episode, with the prize money increased to £1000, but these were not realised.


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