Britain's Strongest Man



Derek Hobson (1979-81)

Dave Lee Travis (1982)

Donny MacLeod (1983)

John Craven (1984)

John Inverdale (1999-2004)

John Bayfield (2006-8)

Sam Bond & Dan Singh (2009)

Caroline Pearce & Alex Reid (2010)

Andy Kerr (2011)

Matt Bell (2012-) (and Nick Aldis from 2012-3)


Barbara Windsor (1979)

Henry Cooper (1981)

Geoff Capes (1982, 84)

Paul Dickenson (commentator, 2002-4)

Stuart Storey and Geoff Capes (commentators, 2009)

Stuart Storey (commentator, 2010)


Transworld International and Thames for ITV, 29 November 1979 to 27 October 1981 (3 episodes in 1 series + 2 specials)

Transworld International for BBC1, 10 September 1982 to 3 September 1984

Transworld International for BBC One, 30 August 1999 to 5 September 2004

as UK's Strongest Man:

Transworld International & IMG Media Ltd for five, 22 December 2006 to 3 September 2008 (Special + 10 episodes in 2 series)

Transworld International & IMG Media Ltd for Bravo, 2009 to 13 December 2010

Transworld International & IMG Media Ltd for Challenge, 21 November 2011 to 2013

Transworld International & IMG Media Ltd for Channel 5, 9 December 2014 to present (2017- as part of the World's Strongest Man series)


British heats of the World's Strongest Man competition, from such exotic locations as Alton Towers and Nottingham Castle.

The opening episode, from 1979, had these events:

  • Lift beer casks weighing from 150lb to 275lb.
  • Bend thick steel bars around their necks.
  • Lift as many housebricks as they can with their bare hands.
  • Pull a 2½-ton truck uphill over a 100ft course.

Other events were added over the years, lifting giant stones and throwing heavy objects about.


Britain's Strongest Man had been scheduled to begin on ITV on 13 August 1979. However, ITV had been taken off air by a strike the week before, and wouldn't return until the end of October. The series of three half-hour programmes was postponed until just before Christmas.

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