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Born David Patrick Griffin and nicknamed "the hairy cornflake", on account of being (i) hairy, and (ii) a cornflake, Dave Lee Travis was a presenter at Radio 1 for years and years. Then he walked out and was never heard of again. Except on those "Gold" stations, and they don't count. Main claim to game fame was the snooker-inspired quiz Give Us a Break he used to do on the radio ("it's snooker on the radio!") and in particular the noise "quack quack oops" which, it's rumoured, he copyrighted to avoid imitation.


He was famously caught out by TV funster Noel Edmonds as a Gotcha stunt. His radio quiz was unknowingly hijacked by two fake pub quiz teams which gave silly answers to every question such as the priceless "Q: Where would you find a dead man's handle?", "A: Is it on a coffin, Dave?" His 'reaction' at the reveal had to be recorded twice because his initial outburst was rather too sweary and broke the bleeper machine. The real, fruity version is available on the Internet. But don't tell your mother. Travis later got his own back on Edmonds by getting the latter gunged in style in his own gunge tank - and rightly so!

He wasn't really a cornflake.

The 'hairy' theme was also used in his other nickname, which was "the hairy monster"! Oh, and he had one other nickname, which was DLT.

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