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Programmes made by the production company Grundy.

Businessman Reg Grundy (1923-2016) established the company in his native Australia in 1959, later expanding it worldwide. In 1995, he sold the entire company to the Pearson conglomerate.

The British arm of the company produced programmes from 1987 onwards, specialising in game shows. Following the Pearson takeover, a reorganisation in 1999 saw shows produced by another Pearson subsidiary, Fremantle (UK) Productions (formerly Talbot Television), transferred to the Grundy banner.

In 2001, Pearson's television interests became parts of FremantleMedia (simply Fremantle since 2018), owned by the Luxembourg-based RTL Group. After this, the Grundy brand was gradually phased out: the British arm's remaining shows were immediately transferred to the Thames banner, while the original Australian arm was merged with Crackerjack Productions in 2006 to form what is now Fremantle Australia. The German and Italian arms (Grundy Light Entertainment and Grundy Productions Italy, respectively) continued to use the brand until 2013, when it was finally retired.


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