One to Win (2)




Paul Roseby (original host)

Robin Houston


Grundy for Channel 5, 3 January to 22 December 2000


Let's be clear about this. One to Win was not to be confused with One to Win, the BBC quiz show that was a follow-up version of Bob's Full House. No, this was something quite, quite different - it was actually a new version of Going for Gold which they decided to call One to Win. Confused? So are we.

Image:onetowin2.jpgThe Set of One to Win

The format was essentially identical to GFG, so we won't go through the motions again here. Suffice to say that there was no initial repechage round here, the points required to win rounds was slightly different, and winners got £200 per day with an additional £200 bonus for every fifth show won.

Image:onetowin3.jpg100% fans: Here's what Robin looks like!

Paul Roseby is a new face to us, and he has got a nice line in repartee with the contestants on this show.

Image:onetowin4.jpgContestants walking up to play.

Or should we say "he had", because no sooner had one production run finished then another started with a new host at the helm, namely Mr 100% himself Robin Houston. Blimey, isn't showbiz a ruthless world? To be fair, Robin was somewhat clearer at reading out the questions, which we suspect was the reason for the casting change, but we preferred Paul's bedside manner more. And his nice winks.


"You are today's One to Win"

"We know who you are, we know why we're here, so let's play One to Win"

Theme music

Nigel Black and Richard Bissill

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