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Celebrity Big Brother (participant)

Celebrity Masterchef (participant)

Classic Comeback / TV Now and Then

Countdown (stand-in)

Family Fortunes

Fee Fi Fo Yum

Give Your Mate a Break

In the Grid

Jo Brand's Hot Potatoes (team captain)

New Faces (contestant)


Mr. Leslie D. Heseltine first found fame on New Faces and went on to feature as a supporting player in Russ Abbot's comedy shows, before forming a successful partnership with fellow comic Dustin Gee. After Gee's death in 1986, Dennis become more of an all-round light entertainer, and nowadays is better known for having been the longest-serving host of Family Fortunes, and breaking down in the Big Brother house. In 2006 and 2022 he returned to the game show scene as host of Five's In the Grid and as stand-in host of Countdown.


He was supposedly offered the chance to host Deal or No Deal, but turned it down.

He appeared in an edition of the BBC's police-drama series 'Mersey Beat' (around 2002), playing a troubled stepfather.


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