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Nick Weir (non-broadcast pilot)

Shane Richie


N. J. Williams (1995)
Stuart Hall (1996-97)


Granada for ITV, 9 January 1995 to 4 July 1997 (50 episodes in 3 series)


Basically Bob's Full House - The Nightmare Continues, this version was hosted by Shane Richie on ITV. Three members of the audience were invited to 'show us your balls!' with the hope that their numbers would be picked out of RANDI, the random ball picking machine. This contraption would fire its balls at high velocity at Shane - not high enough, sadly (Are we being unfair? No. He was eye-wateringly funny hosting Win, Lose or Draw but that was much more of a freefall format).

These three people would take part in rounds where each question correctly answered would light up a random number on their boards (the four corners in round 1, the middle row in round 2 and the full house in round three). Each round won was worth £500, £500 and £1000 respectively, in the old Keynotes-esque tradition of "who cares about the first two rounds when you can win the game on the third."

The person getting the Full House could gamble as much of their winnings as desired on a final round, which would multiply the gambled amount by 10 if successful (i.e. a maximum possible £20,000).

But those at home weren't going to miss out either! Oh no, the show was sponsored by a tabloid paper. People at home crossed numbers off their newspaper gamecard as they were crossed off in the studio. If, by the time a big hooter goes, you've crossed off all your numbers you'd share a £20,000 prize with other people who did the same thing.

Key moments

The category round, round two where every week "Stud-U-Like" came up as a subject. Shane would say "there must be one about me somewhere!" Every week.

Shane throwing his question cards in the air and the cash dropping from the ceiling whenever a contestant wins the jackpot on the final Cash Dash round.

One contestant running on to the set with such enthusiasm that he tripped over in front of everybody to much hilarity. After checking on him to see if he was OK, Shane was heard to remark: "That's made my night, I don't care what happens now!"


"Show me your balls!"

Theme music

Composed by Miller & Porter.


Designer Nick King tells us that the set was based on the "googie architecture" of 1950s and 60s America.

A brief clip of Nick Weir fronting the pilot show can be seen here.

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The balls get shown for the very first time on British television


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