Naked Attraction



Anna Richardson


Studio Lambert for Channel 4, 25 July 2016 to present


You know how on Blind Date the picker doesn't see anything until they've picked? On this show, pickers see everything before they pick.

A person is faced with five booths, inside each one a naked person of the opposite/same sex. Each person is gradually revealed from the bottom up (yes, starting with the goods) and eliminations made at every stage. When they get to the final two, the picker loses their clothes as well before inevitably picking the person with the biggest genitalia/breasts to go on a (clothed) date with. Sexy AND empowering!

During the process between cheering everyone on Anna explains the science behind attraction with various animated cutaways, which apparently is enough for the show to come under the education bit of Channel 4's PSB budget, if our understanding is correct.

Key moments

Celebrity Big Brother contestant Lauren Harries appeared on one edition, and stormed off after being called too old.


If the contestant call outs are anything to go by, there's a much higher proportion of men willing to apply than women.

It's rumoured that so few people were willing to go on the first series that bounties of £50 were offered to anyone who successfully nominated someone for the show.

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