Natalie Casey



Big Brother's Little Brother

Dinner Date (voiceover)

Ultimate Dealer (voiceover)

Win Your Wish List (voiceover)


Lancashire-born actress best known for playing Carol Groves in Hollyoaks and Donna Henshaw in Two Pints of Lager and a Packet of Crisps. Replaced Charlotte Hudson as narrator of Dinner Date when the programme switched to ITVBe.


Casey is the youngest person to have an entry on the UK Singles Chart. (Yes, we're aware of Ian "Microbe" Doody's claim, but he wasn't really the lead artist on "Groovy Baby" so we still reckon Natalie wins that one.) At the age of three, her recording of "Chick Chick Chicken" reached the dizzy heights of number 72. It might have climbed even higher but back in the pre-computerisation days the chart took a week off over Christmas, so we'll never know...

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