Sing If You Can



Vernon Kay and Stacey Solomon (non-broadcast pilot)

Leigh Francis as "Keith Lemon" and Stacey Solomon


RDF Television for ITV1, 16 April to 21 May 2011 (6 episodes in 1 series)


Two teams of three celebrity contestants attempt to sing songs while being distracted in a number of different ways. Their performances are judged by a panel, however the studio audience ultimately decide which team progresses to the final round. Here, the longer the team stays on a revolving turntable while singing, the more money they win for the programme's charity, the Teenage Cancer Trust. In addition, for no adequately explained reason, one member of the losing team is also dropped into a pool of water. What japes!

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Vernon Kay was originally due to host alongside Stacey Solomon but pulled out after feeling it would be better if a comedian presented the programme, so Leigh Francis as his alter-ego Keith Lemon was drafted in. We wouldn't find out what the program was like with a comedian presenting it until eighteen months later, when it was remade in the US as Killer Karaoke, with future Revolution host Steve-O in charge.

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