That's News to Me



Tom O'Connor


Kershaw Production Associates for BBC1, 11 to 29 September 1995 (12 episodes)


Deathly dull topical news quiz presented by Liverpool's favourite ex-English teacher, Tom "3 Across" O'Connor. Lashings of gin obscure the worst memories of the format, suffice to say it was people in colour-coded cardigans answering questions about the previous day's news. Three people at the front were nominated to answer most of the questions, but for most of the show they were able to use their teammates from behind to whisper the answers, very much in the "quick here's the answer to question 5 while teacher's not looking" style.

Topical news quizzes are always dull (q.v. The Cram) and this was surely the nadir.


Episodes aired at 12.20, before the news. No episode aired on 18, 20 or 21 September due to "Conference Live 95".


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