Tom O'Connor



A Question of Entertainment



It's a Knockout (guest host)

I've Got a Secret

Mesmerized (non-broadcast pilot)

Name That Tune


That's News to Me

The Zodiac Game


Former teacher whose first break into television came through Opportunity Knocks then cemented with a regular slot on ITV's The Comedians. He went on to host his own ITV show, and a whole raft of gameshows, most memorably Crosswits. Known for having a joke for every occasion, these days he's often to be found telling them in Countdown's Dictionary Corner.


To be completed

Books / Tapes

From the Wood to the Tees

Eat Like a Horse, Drink Like a Fish

Follow Me, I'm Right Behind You

Take a Funny Turn: an Autobiography

Tom O'Connor's World's Worst Jokes


Tom Murray or Kevin O'Brien at Positive Management 0870 240 7508.

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